The first stages require what the client is needing done, whether it is repair or design, and to work out how long the process will require.


CreativePix does the repair or design and then submits work to the client for review. If any revisions are needed the work goes on to Revisions. Otherwise to Finals


CreativePix will do all revisions the client has requested and re-submit for further review. Only revisions within the original job scope will be done.


When the client has reviewed and passed the work, CreativePix will request payment. When the payment has cleared, the watermark will be removed..

Please see below for more details about the steps outlined above.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

CreativePix is dedicated to giving you the best possible outcome for all your treasured photographs and negatives.

We will spend as much time as you need to make sure that what you want is what you get. We will stay in contact with you and send drafts for review to make sure that each step that has been requested is what you want and whether it needs more work.

All revisions are included with the price. If you need further work done outside the scope of the original quote, there will be an additional charge. We stand behind our work and won't be satisfied until you are satisfied. If the job is a large one (lots of photos) or a complex one requiring a lot of time, a deposit may be requested. This will be decided between you and CreativePix at the time of the quote. Otherwise there will be no payment due until you decide the work is done. When payment is cleared, all watermarks are removed.

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